10 Things That You Never Know You Need It From IKEA And Under $30!!

You did it! You’ve got the keys to your new place in hand—but between a down payment, closing costs, and that hefty movers fee, there’s not a lot of dough left over for all the extras.

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No fear: Just like in your first-apartment-out-of-college days, it’s IKEA to the rescue! Only this time, instead of a particle board coffee table, you’re walking out with a few small but mighty pieces that will make your transition to homeownership a breeze.

FRAKTA Shopping Bag: $1.50

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For a dollar and change a piece, what do you have to lose? Not only are Ikea’s signature blue bags super-affordable, but they’re also massive. And versatile. These workhorses make great moving “boxes” for lugging stuff to your new home.

FIXA Tool Kit: $10

(Source: IKEA)

Every new homeowner needs tools at the ready for improvements or the other sometimes unfortunate reality of homeownership: repairs. This compact kit comes with all the standards — hammer, wrench, pliers, etc. — and is small enough to tuck out of sight when not needed.

HEKTAR Wall Clamp/Spotlight: $16

(Source: IKEA)

When you just move in and haven’t 100 percent figured out where everything will go yet, it can be a pain lugging lamps from outlet to outlet (not to mention you run a higher risk of breaking them). These delightfully industrial spotlights can be attached directly to the wall and easily moved once you get your aesthetic nailed down.

RENS Sheepskin: $30

(Source: IKEA)

If you’re looking for a fantastic housewarming present for a new homeowner, look no further than a Rens (or two). Not only are these sheepskins oh-so-Scandinavian-chic, but they’re like interior design camouflage. Sofa caught a snag coming up the stairs? Drape a Rens over it. Floor get a scuff from sliding furniture? Toss a Rens down.

VARIERA Plastic Bag Dispenser: $3

(Source: IKEA)

Part of the fun of moving into a new place is stocking it with fun new stuff. However, a side effect of your shopping sprees (in addition to a hit to your bank balance) can be the occasional plastic grocery bag pile-up. These cheap dispensers offer a convenient way to corral those bags, but they can also be used to hold other household items like umbrellas or wrapping paper.

BEKVÄM Step Stool: $20

(Source: IKEA)

On the surface, this may seem like an unassuming wooden step stool. But don’t let its simple looks deceive you. This bad boy can work in so many ways. Stepping stool, side table, night stand, painting ladder, magazine rack — its only limit is your imagination.

BEKVÄM Spice Rack: $5

(Source: IKEA)

There are no bounds to what these tiny shelves can do when it comes to organization. Sure, their original purpose was to store spices and herbs, but they’re just as suited for storing cookbooks, kids’ books, beauty products, and more.

KUNGSFORS Magnetic Knife Rack: $16

(Source: IKEA)

This stainless steel magnetic strip is obviously good for storing and displaying cutlery, as its name implies. If you think outside the box, though, it has other practical applications — especially for new homeowners. Think about how frustrating it is to try to hold onto screws, nails, and other DIY bits while you’re working. But slap ’em on the Kungsfors, and you won’t have to worry about dropping a screw every three seconds.

RÅSKOG Utility Cart: $30

(Source: IKEA)

The team player award goes to this little utilitarian rolling beauty. With three spacious bins, it can be used for everything from carting around home improvement tools and paint cans to wheeling in groceries and organizing laundry products. Is it any big surprise the Råskog is an IKEA best seller?

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