15+ Beautiful Decoration Ideas With Branches And Twigs

How to make your home decor look elegant and away from the monotony and dullness? How about using trees or even tree branches as a basis for decoration.




Decorating with tree branches or twig would be a beautiful and inspiring idea. Thus, just imagine what a charming landscape that a tree with branches, leaves, butterflies or birds on your home.




These beautiful tree art pieces elegantly fill a large space on the empty walls. Here are some examples you should take a look at. They are all wonderful enough to provide branches or twig decorating ideas for you.




The Branch Bed


If you really love forests and nature. Therefore, what better way to slip into your sweet dreams than surrounded by many elements that remind you of nature? This bed is an ode for a modern interior with a rustic feeling. The Branch Bed on Apartment Therapyfits perfectly in a white interior with a lot of natural light.

Dark Tree Rug


Have the forest at your feet every time you step onto this carpet. This Dark Tree Rug from Designlush is made from 100 % New Zealand wool. It gives a sense of power on two levels: strong fibers but also strong graphics.

Expressive Twigs


What if you brought nature into your bathroom? Just choose a wonderful branch with expressive twigs and find the perfect spot in your bathroom. You will be able to enjoy its presence and dream about outdoors while having a spa day.

“Al Dente”


These light fixtures can be seen in an elegant and fabulous restaurant in Beirut, named “Al Dente”. The Twig Metallic Fixtures grouped into small forests on the high ceilings. Therefore, give a special visual effect: soft light on the bottom part of the room. Also, a darker, more sophisticated light near the ceiling. Splendid!

Twig Chandelier


An elegant Twig Chandelier found at Decorati that has the power to remind us. Hence, of the great animal that wears antlers will have your home looking fierce and strong. The light this chandelier plays with explores every corner of your room. Therefore, give the feeling of walking through a mysterious forest. It goes splendidly in a dark room for a gloomy feeling and in lightroom for an elegant style.

Decorative Organic Wooden Door


Another intelligent way to display your love for nature is to have a beautiful twig inspired door. This Decorative Organic Wooden Door from Perting. Thus, opens the door to a luscious world of forest wonders that fits perfectly into a modern and contemporary interior.

John Bauer

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