15+ Incredible Home Storage Hacks For Your Living Room

If each new place you move into seems like a tighter squeeze than the last, you’re not imagining things. In fact, over the past ten years, the size of a new one-bedroom apartment has shrunk 8 percent. While freshly-built studios are, on average, 18 percent smaller than they were a decade ago.


Unfortunately, just because our homes are getting smaller doesn’t mean our stuff is, and for many people. Hence, downsizing to fit the needs of a place you’ll only call home for a few years. Thus, doesn’t make much sense, either.


But here’s some good news: smart storage—and a little ingenuity—can go a long way. Hence, when it comes to making your space seem bigger, cleaner, and better organized. We’ve rounded up 15 incredible home storage hacks. Therefore, will leave you wondering what to do with all that extra space.


From Shelf To Sideboard


You can turn an unwanted shelf into a stellar sideboard. This works especially well with IKEA’s Expedit shelves (think where your friend from college stored their records). All you have to do is flip the shelf on it’s side and you not only have storage space. But also another flat surface for storage and display.

Create Under The Couch Storage


Adding furniture risers or these Lucite legs to your couch can create room for hidden storage. Now items can be stored in trays, baskets or Tupperware in the new space created under the couch.

Basic Billy Built-Ins


When trying to find living room storage, a built-in shelving system seems like a no brainer. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a carpenter in the family but you can DIY it yourself! Using IKEA Billy bookshelves and some minimal molding. Hence, you can create the illusion of custom bookcases without all the time and money.

Hide The Cable Box


Cable boxes are both an eyesore and a necessity. Thus, at least if you prioritize watching the latest episode of The Real Housewives. Create a pretty and well-ventilated cover using decorative metal sheets from a hobby store. So your cable box will also function as decor.

Creating A Charging Station


Here’s an updated take on the classic magazine rack: turn it into a charging station. A repurposed magazine rack is a great place to store electronics. It also, serves as a docking station, creating a place to charge electronics without a tangle of cords.

Beef Up Baskets


Baskets are filed under “DUH” when it comes to living room organization. But that doesn’t mean they have to be basic. You can give the most functional storage baskets a designer edge. Hence, by adding a band of white paint at the bottom and some decorative pom-poms for flair.

John Bauer

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