16+ Modern Spanish Style Exterior Design Corresponding Our Dream

Spanish architecture and interior design in Spanish style are strikingly beautiful and unique. Therefore, old and modern house design in Spanish style have several very attractive features. Hence, that makes these homes distinct and desirable.


Spanish style architectural designs and elements of interior decorating. Hence, they create elegant and majestic homes. Thus, we share a few ideas on how to create a modern house design. Also, interiors in Spanish style.


House design and home interiors in Spanish style emphasize the connection with nature. Hence, natural materials are mix with warm rich colors, creating a pleasant, natural. Also, a friendly atmosphere and gorgeous rooms enriched by various textures. Hence, Spanish homes are wonderful for all who enjoy the serenity, elegant simplicity and beauty of unique details.


Little features add up to a much broader “overall” look and feel of a building. Therefore, everything from the color, texture and architectural framing all add the necessary elements.


Old and modern house designs in Spanish style have stucco siding along with several other distinct features. Hence, like arches, cozy courtyards, and dark wood elements. Therefore, charming courtyards, arched loggias, elegant porches, and water fountains. Which, natural materials and soft warm room colors create amazingly inviting and beautiful homes.

Colonial Revival Movement


Additionally, Spanish Colonial architecture was part of the Colonial Revival movement. Hence, that spread all across the United States in the early 1900s. Thus, as Americans grew fascinated with their colonial heritage.


This time around, Spanish architectural elements (the white stucco exterior, red tile roof, etc.). Hence, they were more of a choice than a necessity, emphasizing beauty. Also, the old-world feel of the materials that have become so closely tied with California casual style.


Architects also drew on more specific iterations of Spanish Colonial style: Monterey-style homes (of Monterey, California). Thus, they were noted for their distinctive second-story porch. Hence, that ran across the front of the house. So, our expert says, as an addition to that original external breezeway. Mission-style architecture drew inspiration from the myriad churches built by Spanish settlers in California. Also, could be spotted by their use of arches and bell towers.

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