17+ Elegant and Gorgeous Grey Living Room Design

If you’ve always believed that neutrals are boring. Thus, it’s time to reconsider your view. Neutrals can provide the perfect backdrop for a range of design schemes.


Whether you’re a devoted minimalist or maximalist. Plus, they’re a failsafe way to make any room feel chicer. Looking for the perfect neutral for your own home?


Each shade of grey is capable of creating. Hence, a different look, feel and style of the living room. Also, the shade that you choose will be part and parcel of your own personal style.


Modern schemes tend to call for cooler, darker, dramatic charcoals or near-blacks, while vintage and classic-inspired styles have a natural affinity with warmer blue and green-toned greys.


Consider a gray palette—a go-to for some of our favorite interior designers. Scroll through these 16 gorgeous living rooms, featuring plenty of inspiring ways to design around gray.


Go Smart With Grey


Smarten up a family living room with a modern grey and monochrome scheme. Thus, with a graphic linear wallpaper as the focal point. Worried that a modern scheme might look too grey? Add pops of bright accent color on cushions and accessories. Therefore, bring in an informal element with a picture ledge positioned above the sofa. Hence, in line with family photographs and favorite prints that you can add to and rearrange at leisure.

Get The Lighting Right In A Grey Living Room


Grey is one of those colors that can completely change under different lights. So picking the perfect lighting for your space is important. As a general rule, the cooler the tone you choose. Thus, the warmer the lighting should be. Therefore, think about the room at night, you’ll still want it to feel cozy and welcoming. Hence, despite the cool grey color scheme. Pick out lampshades that give of a yellowish glow and always go for warm/soft white bulbs.

Dark Scandinavian Interior Design


Paint a wall almost black, color your floors in dark slate and pop a cat on its frontage, like this bold interior. A lighter grey couch, industrial light and a range of potted cacti provide items of interest.

Choose Grey Living Room Furniture


Don’t limit your love affair with grey to just wall color. Hence, if you love this hue consider new furniture pieces in this shade. Therefore, to add a modern edge to your living room. Storage units are a great way to add in grey. Also, particularly good when you don’t want wood or white melamine.

Simple Functional Lounge


Go simple yet functional with a lounge in grey. The slick concrete feature wall of this black-and-grey interior is peppered with an artsy staircase, grey L-seater, and abstract oval coffee tables.

Moody Grey Living Room


Bold, daring and sultry, going for a darker grey living room. And using it in a maximalist way. Hence, is a look championed by Australian interior designer Greg Natale. Thus, he has become world-renowned for his risk-taking living room color schemes. Choose a more saturated grey for living room walls. Also, think about carrying the same color onto your ceiling. Surprisingly, it won’t make your living room feel smaller, but it will absolutely make it more dramatic.

Timeless Grey Living Room


If you’re looking to create a setting that’s unlikely to date. Therefore, choose a shade of grey for your living room. Hence, that’s not trend-driven (we love nearly-black greys. But they are more like fun short-term makeovers rather than timeless). A mid-grey, like dove grey, is more classic. It pairs well with most other colors. But because it falls in the middle, it means you can use shades that are lighter and darker to achieve harmony.

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