19+ Creative Wood Wall Clock Designs Will Surprise You

Some people might argue that standard clocks are becoming obsolete. After all, everywhere you turn there is a cell phone. Also, the computer screen that clearly displays accurate time. Also, you don’t have to wind it nor remember daylight savings.


But clocks are not purely about functionality. Both timepieces and wall clocks can serve a tremendous style function. Therefore, you need to look no further than the grandfather clock. Thus, used to sit in your front hallway as a child.


That kind of timeless craftsmanship and design is absolutely valued. Hence, no matter what the supposed purpose of the object. Therefore, the clocks featured in this post each bring a unique style to the genre of timekeeping.


From a quirky frying pan clock that you can hang over your stove to the stunning modern clock designs. Hence, that represent some of the most iconic pieces from a different era. Therefore, these clocks are more than a way to know when you’re late for work. Thus, they are a way to add a sophisticated. Also, a silly piece of practical art to your home. And best of all: they’re for sale.

Modern Honeycomb Clock


Natural untreated birch plywood has been laser cut. Also, engraved to create this unique honeycomb wood wall clock.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Clock


These wood clocks are made from reclaimed pieces of wood. Thus, painted geometrically to give them a new life and a modern look.

Minimalistic Wood Wall Clock


This light wood wall clock is simplistic in design. Thus, it makes a perfect addition to a minimal interior.

Modern walls clock


These intricately cut wood wall clocks feature a geometric look. Also, with clean lines and unique patterns that mix angles and smooth curves.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Wall Clock


Strips of reclaimed wood. Hence, different finishes have been used to create this wood clock that’s both modern and rustic looking.

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