2019 Window Treatments Trend That You Will Love!!

Window treatments provide privacy, let the sun in (or not) and help to keep the cold weather out. And they do all of this while dressing up your windows and making your rooms look formal and elegant, modern or romantic – or while making a whimsical or bold design statement.

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So, what’s popular in the world of window treatments? We asked several interior designers and window treatment experts to share some of the trends in this area.


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While the window treatments themselves are important, the hardware can add another level of style to the design. “Acrylic accents on finials, tie backs and rods are huge right now,” says Gentry.

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Metal hardware is another popular trend, according to Pulliam. “It adds a simpler and more streamlined look to the treatments,” he explains.

Roman and Roller Shades

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“Clean and simple is one of the biggest trends in window treatments, like pairing treatments for coverage with simple side panels just to give that pop of color and texture to make a statement in the room,” says David Pulliam at Gotcha Covered.

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“Traditional items such as shutters and Roman shades are popular in many areas.” Pulliam says that roller and solar shades are some of the fastest-growing products because they are now available in a variety of colors and transparencies.

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Regarding colors, Pulliam says brown remains a staple color for treatments. “Blues, soft greens, lavenders, berries and grays are popular, as well as jewel tones in orange and gold,” he adds.

Shutters and Blinds

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Plantation shutters add character and elegance – and they’re super easy to operate. In addition to wood and faux wood plantation shutters, you can choose moisture resistant, light control, and even insulated options.

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However, wood shutters are not recommended for use in high-moisture areas, whereas composite shutters can resist moisture damage, warping and staining.

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Blinds are also available in a variety of materials and styles, such as the wood, faux wood with embossed colors that look like real wood, and vinyl. Blinds can also be horizontal or vertical and either corded, cordless, or motorized.


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Imagine being able to open and close your blinds while you’re sitting on the sofa, in another room or before you even enter the house. “Technology is now something to consider with your window treatments,” says Pulliam. “High-tech touches with home automation and motorization are on the rise because of their convenience and safety.”

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