3 Outdated Household Features That Will Soon To Vanish

“As technology improves, there are definitely some things that are going to be vanishing from the household. Hence, especially in new homes,”. Says Cristina Miguélez, content manager of home improvement website fixr.com. “Some of these things are already beginning to vanish. Standard phone jacks are already ceasing to exist. Soon, so will normal outlets as we know them. Therefore, to be replaced with smart outlets that can help use charge things wirelessly or when plugged in.”

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It’s important to update your house with the times. Hence, not just for the sake of function, but to increase the resale value of your home. When remodeling your home, updates will eventually lead to the disappearance of common household features. Think landline plug-ins, traditional locks, incandescent light bulbs. And possibly even built-in bookshelves.

Standard Devices & Appliances

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Standard devices and appliances are upgrading for smart counterparts. Incandescent light bulbs are switching for smart lightbulbs. Regular old thermostats, smoke detectors, and door locks are now smart too. “Anything that is accessible and can be activated via mobile device,” says Ireland.

Wired Technology

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As we move into a world of Wi-Fi, we no longer have to worry about tangles of wires. “When you are planning for a remodeling, think ‘smart’ and wireless,” says DJK real estate agent Barbara Ireland.

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She recommends removing outdated technological items like wired speakers, old intercom. Also, security alarm systems, hard-line data ports, and TV wiring. “You can set up a smart curved or transparent tv instead,” she suggests.

Electrical Switches & Outlets

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Traditional three-prong outlets are outdated. And outlets in newer houses are accommodating USB ports to maximize charging options. And in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, you can create storage solutions to charge your devices out of sight. “It’s easy to add functionality with a smart electrical outlet that can control energy usage. Also, turn on and off lights,” adds Ireland.

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