3 Tips To Kick Your Laundry Room Up A Notch

If you forget to tend your laundry room it can get cramped, ugly and disorganized. For the reason that, you may dread going to your laundry room. Everybody wants their laundry room to be an efficient space to complete your weekly chores. You can achieve that by using the right colors, materials, and tools, you can make it organized and stylish. After you brighten it up, you might actually enjoy doing laundry.

Create Spaces To Hang Items

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Your laundry room needs to be conducive to post-laundry chores. You can do it by adding a hanging rail for drying laundry or hanging up items straight from the dryer for minimum ironing. By giving yourself dedicated space in the laundry room for these tasks, you avoid the mountains of clean clothes that can pile up in the bedroom.

Shelving And Storage

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The laundry room can function well if users having easy access to everyday items such as detergent. You can do that by opting a open shelving next to the washing machine to keep your detergents handy for everyday uses.

For Nicola Croughan, an interior stylist, an organization doesn’t have to be boring. “use storage to separate items into color groups since organizing by color is a big trend this season.”

While having a lot of storage space is ideal, it’s also important to keep in mind the limitations of your space. Plan out in advance which items you need to store, so you don’t end up with storage space you don’t use.

Choose simple, stylish designs

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As for the overall design of the laundry room, usability and style should work hand-in-hand. “The first step is the choice of finish materials,” Brut tells Freshome. “Choose a moisture-resistant finish like ceramic tiles or plastic panels.” Lamps Plus Lighting Expert Jeff Emmerson adds that laundry spaces need a simple, efficient overhead light like a flush mount or semi-flush mount. “Don’t forget under-cabinet lighting when you have workspaces in a laundry room.”

The last touch, don’t ignore the fun design choices. Just because it’s a laundry room doesn’t mean it can’t have personality. One way to do this is to display your detergent and powders in large apothecary jars.

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