4 Amazing Ideas For Rustic Chic Accent Wall

Rustic chic is a product of combined element from rustic elements like distressed wood and the simplicity of a modern design. The Easiest way to get a rustic chic design is to build a modern space and add a rustic chic accent wall. Therefore, what makes these walls rustic is that they are made of visibly distressed and textured wood. So, take a look below for how to use rustic chic accent walls all around the home.

Barn House Vibe In Your Bedroom

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Install a distressed board on one of the walls in your bedroom. Is one of the easiest ways to use a rustic chic accent wall. Hence, It’ll give the space a look like you’re partially inside a quaint cabin or barn. An accent wall is just that; it adds a touch that makes the rustic elements look intentional without being overbearing.

Rustic Chic Accent Walls

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This design puts a reclaimed pallet look onto the wall itself. The pallet is so large it creates a defacto accent wall. And then it also doubles as an entertainment center. It’s one of the most creative rustic chic accent walls out there.

What makes this work so well is that the rustic pallet sits against a modern, light wall. Again, this design shows how light walls work to add balance between the modern and rustic looks. Textured floors and ceilings also add to the rustic feel.

Divider Wall


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Don’t limit yourself with the use of rustic chic accent walls. You can use it for a separate wall that acts as a divider. In the space above, a white and geometric ceiling with white walls keeps the divider wall from overpowering the space. These elements surround the divider wall, visually separating it and adding balance.


This, in turn, helps other rustic elements work in the space, like the flooring, TV stand and old-fashioned wood burner. If you’re trying to balance rustic and modern, this space shows how far modern white walls and ceilings can go in adding a surrounding balance.

Dining Room Accent Wall

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If you need some contrast and visual interest for your guests to enjoy. So, create an accent wall in your dining room. this rustic chic accent wall is well-placed by a dining table. The large art is an interesting choice in that it balances things back towards a modern look, along with the clear chairs and stark table. Modern looks love the contrast between light and dark.

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