4 Amazing Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas

Bringing Living spaces outside it’s a great way to blend nature and the modern comforts of home. However, some spaces focus on those modern comforts so much that outdoor elements are all but lost. If you prefer a more organic theme in your outdoor living spaces, we’ve compiled some easy ways to achieve a relaxing vibe outside that doesn’t compromise on nature.

Winding Garden Seating Areas

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The Winding design makes the bench seem like it’s part of the garden itself; as a bonus, it also creates visual interest. What makes the space pop are the bright footstools, cushion piping and throw pillows. These elements allow for a human touch amid the natural landscape, blending the indoors and outdoors.

Lining With Plant Life

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Another idea for outdoor living spaces is to surround the space with plant life. That’s what the fire pit area does in the photo above, and the result is breathtaking. People can sit and enjoy the elemental feel of the fire while still being surrounded by gorgeous plant life.

Without the plant life, the stonework alone would have made space look too bare and modern. This concept also applies to outdoor eating areas, sitting areas and outdoor kitchens; surrounding these areas with plant life brings them that much closer to nature.

water features for outdoor living spaces

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A great way to keep things looking natural in outdoor living spaces is to place a water feature right by an outdoor seating area. Gazebos or dining spaces become instantly more relaxing if they overlook a water feature.

Surrounding your water feature with trees and other plant life makes the water feature look like it’s part of the scenery, which helps the area look even more natural.

Natural material walkways

(Source: Borstlandscape)

The walkways are usually an often-overlooked part of outdoor living spaces. To get from the home to space itself, but these can also contribute to your natural vibe. Realistic log railings are one way to help the walkway look like it’s not intruding on the surrounding natural space. You might also consider a design like this when lining the outdoor living space itself.

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