4 Common Mistake In Arranging Living Room

There is always something different when entering a meticulously designed living room, we feel it right away: the perfect proportions giving the space a certain grandeur, the plush seating drawing us in, each well-appointed seat suggesting long lazy afternoons spent without having to leave the living room. Just like a beautifully directed movie, a well-decorated living room is at once engaging and impressive, but it also gives a familiar and safe feeling. So here are couples of an idea how to avoid mistakes during arrange your living room.

Small Rug Big Problems

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One of the top mistakes in decorating your living room is the poorly sized rug. This has been a “plague” in the United States for too long, it’s not like hard to avoid. Huge rugs maybe can be expensive and can feel like such a scary commitment, but according to the stylist, it’s one of the most important aspects of a room.

Plan Accordingly

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A poorly planning your layout may impact your living room badly. While it may be tempting to push a sofa against a wall facing the TV stand and call it a day, there is more involved in planning a great living room layout. It’s important to consider and create conversation groupings, especially if the room is long and narrow like many townhouses and lofts.

Hang It In The Right Spot

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You know what is the equivalent of a character in a movie wearing a really bad wig is? Art hung the wrong way on a wall. It’s hard not to see it, and you wish you could just rip it off, knowing that everything would be so much better without it. It doesn’t ruin your experience, but it’s just terribly distracting.

The Big Ol’Sofa

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One of the focal points in the living room is a sofa. Just because you already have one sofa that you like and it’s getting old. You feel that you don’t need to throw it out and buy a new one. That is when you are wrong. You need to buy a sofa that is comfortable, but it’s also central to how a room feels and looks.

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