4 Curtain Ideas for Your Living Room

When you want to instantly revamp your living room, the easiest way is by getting some new curtains. A curtain switch can give your living room a new visual interest by bringing more color, dimension, and texture. The windows accessory can also easily give your environment a new elegant appearance. But, what curtain ideas that work for your living room, no matter what the decor style is?

If you are currently looking for elegant curtian ideas for your modern, contemporary, or even traditional decoration of your living room, here are some to try.

Elegant neutrals

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 Neutral tones doesn’t always have to mean flat or boring. In fact, it can be a very intersting pallete on your living room curtains. Pick flowing neutral living room curtain ideas with wall paint that adds the perfect background or contrast, like grey. If you want the living room to be more lively amidst the neutrality of theroon, try to arrange chairs or an array of vases with prints or other decorative elements. Your room will be a lot more inviting in an instant.

Sheers and solid combo

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Combination is one of the most essential things in deciding the best curtain ideas in your living room. The combination of solid and sheer curtain panels works best in this case. High details and accents work in this combination, but also more traditional arrangement of living room. The combination will definitely create beautiful effects.

High walls

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If your living room has soaring walls, a lot higher than the normal walls in the normal living room, then you have to make sure that you can find curtain ideas that can prevent things from looking exceptionally heavy. This means, you cannot choose a fabric made of darker color and super heavy material as it will make your living room feel narrower and claustrophobic. If you want darker colors for your curtains, choose a lightweight fabric for an elegant and stylish decor.

Minimalist design

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Your minimalist living room can look elegant with the right choice of curtains. Choose curtains that will frame the windows perfectly and add acent and flair to it. When there are few other decorations in the room, the curtains can create an even stronger impact on the overall design.

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