4 Design Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Cluttered

Do you ever get so hyperfocused on cleaning your home that you spend hours just to sweep, vacuum, mop, and rearrange everything but somehow never achieve the sense of tidiness that you’re looking for? Your home may look cluttered and messy not because of the dust or the trash that you always remember to clean up, but because of some accumulated design mistakes that should be fixed if you want your space to look tidy and neat. Here are some of the most common design mistakes that can make your house look like a mess.

The wrong rug

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It might be surprising how your choice of rugs can influence how narrow or large the room feels. When choosing a rug for your floor, size, shape, and pattern are three things that you cannot ignore. Buying random rugs can quickly be one of the design mistakes that make your house look overcrowded. A rug that is too small will make space seems smaller. You should also place your furniture correctly on the rug: with half on and the other half of the rug.

Wild color schemes

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Playing with color is fun. It can lift your mood and add some characters to your house. However, wild or crazy color schemes can also be one of the design mistakes that make your house look too cluttered. Some unusual color combinations work perfectly, but many colors just don’t work being mixed together. Just stick with one or two core colors for your rooms and use neutral tones to complement it.

Lack of proper lighting

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Are the rooms in your house too dark? Lack of lights can make your home feels uninviting and cramped. This makes a lot of sense as your eyes will struggle to define the true colors, dimensions of objects and walls, and negative spaces. If your room doesn’t get enough natural sunlight, consider hanging a room just right across the window. Choose light and neutral-colored furniture to make the room seems brighter.

Lack of negative space

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Along with the lack of light, the lack of negative space is also one of the design mistakes that make your home seems darker and more crowded. Don’t decorate or furnish every inch of your home. Some negative space is necessary to create a clutter-free appearance of your house.

Angie Sturgeon

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