4 DIY Ideas To Makeover Your Bathroom

Change is an aspect that always been there in our life. Like growing old, having kids, change career path, changing lifestyle for a better and healthier life and change the interior of our home just too fresh things up. Making a big change to your home usually involved a lot of money. But here is a couple of ideas on how to makeover your bathroom if you are on a tight budget.

Simple floating shelves

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By putting a floating shelf. It can give you a classy decor and yet highly functional storage units and it can change the entire vibe of your bathroom. Given that you don’t put unsightly bathroom products on it. You can put a tissue, soap and even a framed picture.

Spacious shower

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When you don’t have a large bathroom and you have a tiny tub on it. You can remove the bathtub to make way for an extra large shower space. After that you can put a ceiling mounted curtain with a custom cotton panel with a waterproof liner to creates an illusion of higher ceilings.

Frame the mirror

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with the presence of a beautiful mirror. you can change the entire look of your bathroom. That can be a bit pricey if you’ve bought it from an antique store and can be a tedious task to find it in a home goods store. Instead of you bought one. You can make one by yourself, just transform your old mirror and gave it a wooden frame and voila, you just save money and time for a beautiful mirror.

DIY toilet paper holder

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Don’t underestimate little things in your bathroom. sometimes small and inconsequential items like toilet paper holder can make a big change on the overall look of your bathroom. Therefore you need to pay attention to the small things in your bathroom. You can transform toilet paper holder into a piece of art by yourself. It’s easy, cheap and has a significant impact.

That’s is 4 DIY ideas to transform your plain and bland bathroom into a gorgeous and eye-catching bathroom, hope this article can inspire you to make over your bathroom.

John Bauer

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