4 Easy Tips to Decorate Small Spaces Like a Professional

Finding the right ways to decorate small spaces can sometimes seem so impossible. When you furnish and decorate a room, you want to fit as many things as possible inside, but you would hate it if the room felt cramped. In addition, you would want to decorate with a personality, but the limitations of space might make it look like a chaos instead. So how do you decorate small spaces perfectly and make it look as stylish as possible?

You don’t have to sacrifice style while living in a studio apartment or another minimalist living space. Here are some easy ways to decorate small spaces like a professional.

Don’t clutter the floor

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Of course, you need the space for the essential furniture and other belongings, but when you decorate small spaces, remember that you need the floor to be clear so you can walk on it. Get some floating furniture pieces, like floating nightstands and shelves. Instead of floor lights, choose wall lights. These items will keep the floor clear and allow you to use the space beneath them for an extra storage.

Choose folding pieces

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Besides floating pieces, folding pieces can be an alternative when you try to decorate small spaces with style. It allows you to still put big furniture in the room, like a dining table or a desk, without letting them take a lot of space. Besides, you don’t need these pieces all day, right? So install some furniture that can be folded up when you don’t use them. The free floor space will make your room seem larger.

Pay attention to the lighting

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When avoiding clutter and the feeling of “suffocation” in small spaces, lighting is very important. Your small room can feel dark and gloomy when you don’t have windows that give the room enough natural light. To make up for the lack of it, add many light sources in each room in your house. Combine table lamps or sconces with lighting from ceiling fixtures to create a bright and happy atmosphere.

Don’t fear bold colors

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Just because you want your room to reflect as much light as possible, it doesn’t mean that you have to go all white. You can add some personality by going bold with colors. However, you need to keep the color cohesive. Make sure everything fits by sticking to a certain color palette. You can make it dark and romantic or light and energizing. Just don’t overwhelm the eyes with too many visual inputs.

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