4 Easy Ways You Can Adopt the Wabi Sabi Trend

Have you heard of the Japanese philosophy wabi sabi that is currently trending in the design world? Wabi sabi is a wisdom or philosophy that perceives the incomplete, the imperfect, and the impermanent as things to celebrate. While designing, wabi sabi trend typically includes aesthetics in the form of rough textures, organic shapes, simple styling, earthy colors, and a down-to-earth overall sense. The wabi sabi tend also celebrates and appreciates the nature. If you think that this style fits you, here are some of the easy ways to incorporate to your next project.

Choose imperfect furniture

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Embracing and celebrating the imperfection is one of the key aspects of the wabi sabi trend. There is no better way to incorporate this perception than choosing the organic, imperfect furniture made of wood, combined with rough linens and organic ceramics that all unify harmoniously in the complementing scheme of brown and gray color. You can also choose other earthy color, but basically, the color of the imperfect things the earth has given us is the perfect gift for those believing in the wabi sabi philosophy.

Let your tones be natural

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Pay very close attention to the overall tones and atmosphere of your room. Choose natural shades and tones. Finish your walls with clay or clay decorations to create the effects of natural beauty, earth wamness, and roughness and simplicity. Warm atmosphere will bring calmness to your room as you adopt the wabi sabi trend.

Create a contemplating space

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Less is more is an important principle in the wabi sabi trend. Being modest and humble means accepting everything that you have already owned with all of its imperfections. Spare a room where you can enjoy the peacefulness and quiteness of your surrounding while reflecting. Don’t fill the room with too much furniture or accessories.

Use nature elements

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If it’s not possible for you to design a completely non-modernized and all-natural home, you can still apply some principles of the wabi sabi trend by bringing some elements of nature like placing fresh flowers in a vase or dried roots as wall accessories. Don’t think too much about it. Imperfection is the key.

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