4 Essentials Ideas To Upgrade Your Builder-Grade Home

When you opt for a new home with a production home builder. And, like most owner-builders, you probably had the chance to choose some of your home’s options. Production builders keep costs consistent by offering only a few choices for each detail of your new home.

Total renovation is the last thing your brand-new home needs. Instead, here are a few details and easier upgrades that let you add your own personality and character to your builder-grade home.

Switch Your Hardware

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The generic builder hardware is not the most appealing thing you get from your home. But luckily, upgrading your hardware is a quick and easy fix that doesn’t require years of builder expertise. Get personal with your hardware: Scour flea markets for interesting knobs and latches, or opt for timeless hardware that’s more your style. Just keep in mind that your new hardware should still complement the existing features in your home, creating a totally cohesive look.

Giving A Treatment To Your Ceiling

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Sometimes the ceilings left forgotten in builder-grade homes. Usually, they’re simply painted white, leaving more budget for other areas and details of the home. However, adding character to your ceilings can give your home a more lived-in, custom look. Try installing decking to give your ceiling more texture, or add a ceiling medallion to bring attention to a unique light fixture. Suddenly, your ceiling becomes less of an afterthought and more of a feature.

Feature Lighting

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Builder-grade homes usually rely on plain recessed lighting. Sure, they’re effective, but recessed lighting won’t do much for adding character to your home. Since you’re more or less “stuck” with the lighting plan, you can add floor (and table) feature lighting to warm up your space and illuminate some of the more charming parts of your home.

Beautify Your Mirror

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Builder grade bathroom are notoriously know for its bare-bones bathroom design. especially the mirrors. They usually provide you with the option to upgrade fixtures and even lighting. Taking an afternoon to trim mirrors in stained or painted hardwood gives your bathroom a completely custom look that is anything but generic. Try matching your cabinetry finish or stain for a more refined look, or go for a bright color for a fun kid’s bathroom. Getting rid of the harsh, plain edges of unframed mirrors adds character, and, best of all, doing so doesn’t require a complete bathroom renovation.

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