4 Essentials Way to Decorate Mantel With Minimalist Style

One of the traditional home ornate pieces is mantels. They acted as the focal point of the room, harkening back to a time when people were more likely to watch the fire than a television. But today’s mantels have taken on a more minimalistic touch. Many have simple, lightly colored facades around them.

Some are little more than a square where the fire goes. All are defined by a stark geometry. Because of how minimalistic they are, there are several different ways to decorate around minimalistic mantels. Read on to discover how to work with the simple, but powerful, design element that is the minimalistic mantel.

Cleverly Put Artistic Piece

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When we are talking about artistic elements, another way to decorate around minimalistic mantels is to use a variety of art pieces for one cohesive look. Like this picture above shows how you can use candles, plant life, a mirror and small ceramic art in one cohesive design.

The common rule of decorating mantel is to have taller or larger objects near the edge of the mantel. Smaller objects should be in the middle or spaced throughout. That creates a look of balance.

Mirror-Mirror On The Wall

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Mirrors are the favorite element for a minimalistic space. what does make it appeal is mirror have both a sense of minimalism and a classic style. They make a great addition to more timeless designs. They also work well in small spaces because their reflections visually double the space in a room.

Cover It With Art

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Abstract art works great with minimalistic mantels for a more modern touch, but you can also go for something more realistic like in the photo above. Realistic art adds a touch of tradition and timelessness that works with many different room designs.

Keep It Minimalist

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The alternative option for decorating around minimalistic mantel is to stay with the minimalistic vibe. The Common minimalistic mantel decoration is to have one small photo in a frame. Many people place the photo off to the side of the mantel to showcase the stark, minimal space. Another idea is to do the same with a single ceramic jar or a small grouping of jars. A set of three pillar candles is also a common design element on minimalistic mantels.

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