4 Great Indoor Water Feature Ideas

You know that water feature not always belong in the outdoor gardens. You can also get that relaxing feeling inside the home with an indoor water feature.

The Uses for water features in the home are endless, from small accent pieces to room dividers. Read on to learn how and where to use water features indoors. You can be inspired to make use of these unusual features in your own home.

Serenity In Zen

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Zen style is one of the most classic home styles for indoor water features. With zen, anything natural helps create the soothing, relaxing feeling that defines the Zen style. Water features may be used to form indoor meditative ponds or to complement an indoor Zen garden. You can use water features to create peace in unusual spaces.

Indoor Water feature with wall accent

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Wall fountain is one of the most popular ways to use indoor water features. These remain a common indoor water feature because they don’t take up any floor space, yet they add a relaxing bubbling sound and attractive visuals.

Wall fountains tend to work well in homes with natural, rich textures like deep woods and green walls since the elemental nature of the water feature adds to the natural feel. They also work well in a high-class style, since a continually flowing water feature denotes a feeling of luxury.

Amp It Up With Light Features

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You can make your indoor water feature a bolder pop of interest with couples of lights arrangement. Lights are an excellent and relatively simple option. Small lighted water jets add instant class and style to any water feature. It’s like getting a small version of those luxury hotel fountains right in your own home.

Water Features Near Windows

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A water feature doesn’t have to be a large ordeal. The photo above shows a water feature that is simply a small pool. It’s positioning by the window is key, as that allows the pool to catch natural light. The reflective light brings attention to the small water fixture.

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