4 Great Ways To Decorate With Heirlooms and Antiques

When you have a family heirloom that may carry special emotional relevance, randomly throwing them up on the wall. risks making a home look outdated. But there are several ways to decorate with antiques to keep your house looking timeless.

There are some ideas on how to decorate with your family heirlooms in a way that doesn’t make your home look haphazard. Learn how to construct a retro look, how to choose antiques and how to place old items to accent a room instead of detracting from it.

Decorate with The Most Timeless Appeal Antiques

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You can combine a modern design with antiques that have the most timeless look. A popular option is hanging old photos on the wall or placing them on a shelf. Putting them in a modern frame can keep family history without overwhelming the overall room design.

Placement Is The Key

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The critical aspect of decorating with antiques is the placement of it. There are a few potential directions when placing antiques. One option is to make an antique the focal point, as in the photo above: The room shows how a classic photo can look like a piece of chic art if it’s large enough.

You can also place antiques in an inconspicuous area, like on a floating shelf. There they accent the design of the room rather than dominate and potentially clash with it. Placing an antique on a bookshelf can also work.

Old School Looks With Antiques

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The most direct approach for decorating with antiques is an overall retro design. The photo above shows some creative ways to place old retro pieces. The worn luggage in the corner adds a traditional travel theme; old centerpieces highlight the coffee table; classic art adorns the walls; retro floor lamps add to the vibe.

Rustic or Vintage Craft

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You might also find some rustic shelving to house antiques and combine them with distressed furniture. Old heirloom furniture could also receive a distressed paint job.

It’s also possible to arrange some of your old items into a shadowbox, which can then be placed on a table or on the wall. A shadowbox contains all of your antiques into one intentional vintage display that can fit in with just about any room design.

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