4 Hacks For Getting Organize Using IKEA Products

You’ve watched every episode of Marie Kondo’s Netflix show. Thus, said goodbye to anything that doesn’t bring you joy, took a well-earned cleansing breath. Also, why is there still a lot of stuff to organize? Sometimes life is hard to contain in a small space on an equally small budget. Hence, we turned to our favorite minimalist lifestyle store (IKEA of course) for some organizational hacks.

Mudroom Bench With STUVA Storage Benches

(Source: Themombot)

Amy made her original mudroom bench with STUVA storage benches three years ago. And happily reports they still look brand new. This hack helps keep her family of five organized with a spot to hide coat, boots, and backpacks.

Slim Profile HEMNES As An Upstairs Drop Point And Storage

(Source: Ctrlcurate)

When my last home didn’t have any closets near the bathrooms for linens. Hence, I used the slim profile HEMNES as an upstairs drop point and storage. Each shoe cabinet holds 3-4 rolled up towels and hardly takes up any space.

IKEA’s ELVARLI Shelves To Use As A Part Dresser, Part Display, And Part Vanity

(Source: Idlehandsawake)

Marlene of Idle Hands Awake recently moved in with roommates and had to figure out a way to make her bedroom a functional retreat. (After all, she is a DIY blogger and has a lot of supplies.) She turned to IKEA’s ELVARLI shelves to use as a part dresser, part display, and part vanity. Check out her full room reveal to see how she managed to sneak a full workspace, crafting table, and of course, bed, cohesively in one space.

A Beautiful Set Of Faux Lockers From EXPEDIT Or KALLAX Bookshelf

(Source: Littlehouseoffour)

It’s almost a right of passage to have an EXPEDIT or KALLAX bookshelf, but there may come a time when outgrow it. Katie worked some DIY magic and transformed her standard cubby bookcase into a beautiful set of faux lockers that you’d never guess are from IKEA. Because while open shelving is great, sometimes you just need to hide the everyday junk.

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