4 Important Area When Decorating Your Daughter Room

If you have a teenager daughter, decorating her room can be a little tricky because she has grown up. She doesn’t need all these toys anymore and she often wants to feel adult and sees her room as an adult one but still.

A teen girl room should have several areas organized with a lot of functionality: a sleeping zone, a studying zone, a vanity, and a closet if necessary, and maybe an area for guests. Separate the areas to give your girl more comfort and organize them to make them more practical.

The Sleeping Area

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You need to make the sleeping zone stood out. For example, place the bed on a wooden podium to separate it from the rest of the room, or choose a canopy bed or a bed with several draperies to keep privacy and make it more relaxing. Especially, if it’s a shared room. Add storage cabinets on the sides of the bed or go for curtains to separate this part of the room.

The Study Area

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One of the important area for any kids or teen room as your girl need is a study zone. Therefore, they need to study well, so you need to organize this space in an inspiring way. Make it girlish: go for a cute desk,  make a gallery wall, add a fur cover to the chair, and other stuff. Don’t forget that storage is important. If the room is tiny, install a wall-mounted desk with drawers and a pegboard to solve the problem of lack of space.

The Makeup Area

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We all know that makeup is one of the important things in a girls life. So, you need to create some space to store all her makeup stuff and to apply them all there. You can make her feel a star turning a usual desk into a vanity and adding lights to the mirror.

The Closet Area

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Clothes is another passion for teen girls. Let your daughter store them and her shoes in the best way possible. If you have enough space, you can make a separate small walk-in closet as part of the room. If not, you can opt for built-in wardrobes, under the bed closets, and so on.


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