4 Mistake In Decorating Your Room

If you feel that your room doesn’t look and feel quite right? Perhaps you have broken the cardinal rules of decorating. , If you’re pairing your standard seven-foot sofa with a teeny three-by-five-foot rug, the rug could be throwing off the balance in your living room. Or, if you’re lining furniture along the walls in an attempt to maximize space, it could be making the room look more cramped than it is. That is a couple of issues that are plaguing your space.

Not Enough Lighting

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One of the cardinal rules of lighting is. To never rely solely on overhead lighting. Obviously, if you have canned lights or a chandelier, you should turn those on, though we recommend always using a dimmer unless you need full brightness for a task. In addition to overhead lighting, have at least 3 other light sources in your room. Then, you mix it up and have a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces.

Choosing a Too-Small Rug

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How to fix a small rug is, go beyond the edges of your biggest piece of furniture. if you have a standard seven-foot sofa, choose a rug that’s at least nine feet, which will extend about a foot past each side of the couch.

Don’t Push It Against the Wall

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If you want your room look cluttered and messy is push your furniture up against the walls. Instead, do this! Pull the furniture out from the walls and arrange them toward the center of the room. With this kind of grouping of armchairs around a coffee table creates great traffic flow and the perfect conversation area.

Too Much Pillow

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If you think adding loads of throw pillow in un-coordinating patterns and colors on a chair, sofa or bed make your rooms look good. Well, you are wrong, it will make your room look messy and chaotic. The living room above demonstrates how to get a well-decorated look that’s not cluttered because the sofa has just the right amount of decorative pillows and they have coordinating patterns and colors. That flow with the room.

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