4 Sneaky Tips for Living in Small Spaces

Having a minimalist living space like a small house or an apartment is the trend these days. Whether it is because of the financial accessibility or lifestyle preference, more and more people these days live in small spaces. However, just because you live in small spaces, it shouldn’t mean you cannot enjoy your life. There are ways to make you feel like you don’t live in small spaces at all. Here are things that you can do to as sneaky tips for people who live in small spaces.

Ceiling Shelves

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Looking for a space to store your books, photo albums, CDs, and other collections that you would love to keep but not use daily? You don’t have to throw them away or let these objects make your small spaces feel even smaller. The space between the top of your furniture and the ceiling can be used to store these objects. The vertical spaces that would usually go to waste can be utilized perfectly with built-in shelves hanging down from the ceiling.

Behind-the-Door Towel Racks

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That space behind your doors? When you live in small spaces, you should utilize them as effectively as possible. You can use these to hang towels so they don’t take a lot of space on your room or walls. This is perfect to implement especially in the tiny bathroom.

Corner Nightstand

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Living in small spaces don’t provide us the luxury to have nice things… sometimes as simple as a nightstand to keep your charging phone within your reach as you lay in bed. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. Creating a corner nightstand that is attached to the wall is easy. You can put your books, phones, a small lamp, or a water bottle near you with this smart nightstand!

Large Mirrors

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Do you know that large mirrors can magically transform a room? No matter how small or big a room is, a large mirror will make the room even bigger. Large mirrors provide more lighting to the room, which is necessary for small spaces to not feel constraining. Besides, the reflection also gives an illusion that the room is larger than it is. You should decorate your small spaces with large mirrors to trick yourself and other people into thinking space bigger.

Angie Sturgeon

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