5 Amazing Tips When Building A Bathroom

Bathroom usually one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. But, a poorly planned bathroom could affect the way you feel about your home for years to come. If you’re building your own home, it’s important to get the bathroom right the first time. Your builder should have a list of standard option and upgrades, but how do you know which bathroom upgrades will add to your home’s value? Therefore, no matter what. Invest in these bathroom upgrades to get the most value for your money.

Flooring And Tile


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Tile is hard to replace, so don’t make a simple mistake that could ruin your home. You can replace it but it requires a major demolition, and in the end, you’ll put it off or learn to live with tile you hate. Don’t settle for standard tile if it’s not something you love. Upgraded surfaces enhance the look of your bathroom so it’s something special. Follow the same principle with flooring, choosing long-lasting materials that you find attractive. You can always change paint color and fixtures, but tile and flooring will be there for a while.

Extra Storage

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Always choose the options increase storage if you do a bathroom upgrades. Bathroom storage is one of the features you may not think about initially but can make huge improvements in your lifestyle. Extra cabinets, built-in shelving, and organizers make the difference between a cluttered cave and a serene retreat. Opt for upgrades that build out the space you have and help you keep your bathrooms totally organized.

Let There Be Light

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If you have a builder-grade lighting in your bathroom, you will find it rarely inspiring. It’s usually standard over-the-mirror lights that are cheap to buy and install. You can upgrade your lighting package on your own by procuring better fixtures and even planning for can lights. While natural lighting is always best, windows aren’t always feasible in a bathroom. Make up for a lack of light with upgraded fixtures that are outfitted with bright LED lights that’ll last.

Basement Plumbing

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When you are building your new home, you need to make sure the builder to add basement plumbing during the build process is cheap and easy. It’s not the most exciting upgrade. Still, opting for plumbing in your basement make senses. You’ll likely finish your basement sometime in the future, and having the plumbing installed during the building process saves you money. When you’re ready to finish it out, you won’t have to break up concrete or rip out walls to install plumbing. Instead, you can hook right into the existing plumbing and skip ahead to framing and drywall.

Master Bathroom

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If your current home layout doesn’t include a master bath, it might be worth your money to have your architect design one for you. As one of the most used rooms in the entire home, a master bathroom is a must. It gives adults a place to relax, separate themselves from the kids and stay sane. It’s one of the more expensive bathroom upgrades, but anything you spend on a master bathroom will pay you back tenfold in functionality and investment.

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