5 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Lovely Summer

Have you been inviting people to have a backyard barbecue party this summer? You might probably wish that you have an outdoor kitchen to make your dinners and parties even more convenient. There is something fun about an outdoor kitchen. Especially if you have a large nuclear family, often have your extended family over, or into inviting neighbors and friends to eat and socialize at your place, a beautiful outdoor kitchen can easily make everything warmer and closer.

Looking for ideas to build your outdoor kitchen? Here are some of the most interesting ones around you can easily apply to your own kitchen design.

Rustic outdoor kitchen

Photo Source: countryliving

If you live in the country, next to the woods, in a sparse neighborhood, or just with enough backyard with large trees that provide peaceful shades and shelter from the sun, this rustic kitchen idea can be very interesting. Not only a kitchen, this can also serves the role as a full-blown entertaining space where you can hang out, bake pizza, sip wine, and play cards every night.

Black outdoor kitchen

Photo Source: homeimprovementpages

Is black your favorite color? It should probably be. Because black can easily create a formal, modern, and sleek look to your outdoor kitchen design. Besides, it is also easier to clean.

Rooftop BBQ Area

Photo Source: housebeautiful

Thinking that you don’t have enough space for a decent outdoor kitchen? Think beyond the backyard… and take it to the rooftop! Rooftop grilling can actually be super fun, super romantic, and super comfortable activity. You will easily access beautiful views day and night. Who will complain about doing the grilling when everything is so beautiful from up there?

Open Air Kitchen

Photo Source: pinterest

Alternatively, if you don’t want to have to build two kitchens because it will be freezing to cook outside during the winter, you can opt for an open air kitchen inside. This design strategically combines the safety of a home and the ability to breathe the fresh air from the open.

Outdoor Fireplace

Photo Source: residencestyle

If you are less interested in cooking, and more interested in roasting and having a chat and a lot of laughter over the warmth of a fireplace, then this is the perfect design for you. Not a full-blown outdoor kitchen, but a perfect place to gather with family and friends!

Angie Sturgeon

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