5 Easy and Creative Dorm Room Decor Ideas on A Budget

Living in a dorm is an exciting experience. For many of you, this is probably your first experience of living alone. You finally move out of your house and you get to live with all of your friends, sharing the same space and doing a lot of things together. You are ready for a lot of adventures and you may want to start it by personalizing your living space. There are a lot of dorm room decor ideas to try. But first of all, you have to remember that dorm rooms are not meant to be altered permanently so any design or decoration that you make should be able to be removed once you move out of the dorm. Next, since college students are broke, you need to choose cheap ideas for your dorm room decor!

Here are some of the most interesting, creative, yet easy and cheap DIY dorm room decor ideas!

Clothesline picture holder

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Who doesn’t love taking a lot of pictures of yourself and best friends having a lot of fun time together? If you live with them, you can show off your beautiful friendship proudly not only by posting those cute pictures on your Facebook wall but also by displaying them on your physical wall! Hang those pictures on a clothesline at the wall of your dorm room. So simple yet so cute!

Wastebasket side table

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Not allowed to bring extra furniture into your dorm room? Or is the price of a side table is not affordable to you right now? Not a problem. Creatively turn into a metal wastebasket or trash can into a side table just by spray painting it with your favorite color and turning it upside down. Put your lamp, books, or phone on this new bedside table.

Washi-lined bookshelf

Photo Source: honeywerehome

Washi or colored paper tape will be your new best friend that helps you decorate your dorm room in a lot of interesting ways. One of the most exciting uses of a washi tape is to line your bookshelf so it doesn’t look as boring. You have to study all the time so why not make it more interesting?

Pillowcase laundry hamper

Photo Source: prettyprudent

Need an always-open laundry bag so those dirty clothes don’t end up on the floor? Attach an embroidery hoop to a pillowcase and you have a laundry bag ready!

Add potted plants

Photo Source: sinhaloja

To add some life into your sterile dorm room, bring some potted plants inside. You can even make it more interesting by using cute cups, teapots, and other unconventional containers to use as the pots. You can also decorate them yourselves!

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