5 Great Tips To Decorate Home Office

When you’re working from home, you’ll have a certain kind of perks. Like better work-life balance, no commute, but the ability to design an office you love is an upside too. Your home office is a place that should inspire the flow of creativity and allow you to get down to business.

Create Your Own Comfort Zone

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Your home office should inspire you and reflect your unique personality. So don’t be afraid to go all out. You can browse for inspiration, but remember those offices in design magazines may not be set up to accommodate a 50-hour work week. Upholstered dining room chairs look amazing, but they won’t support your back, and while some people like bright colors, you might get annoyed looking at a whole wall of fire engine red paint right above your computer. Therefore, try using interesting color combinations in the rug, in accessories like throw pillows, or in framed art if you want to spice up space. A good home office needs to be functional first and beautiful second.

Hint Of Greenery

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It’s a known fact that plants make people happier. it’s like bringing what’s outside your window into your space. Plus, since most plants can go a day or two without water, you won’t have to go into your office on weekends (as you might need to if tending to other living things, like fish).

A Little Bit Artsy Won’t Hurt

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You can decorate your home office with images that speak to you. Even if you’re crunching numbers all day. Fill your home office with vibrant art to energize your space and make you feel motivated. Also, you can paint or create it by yourself or with family and/or friends, this is a fun activity to do at the weekend.

Don’t Forget The Rug

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Ground your space with a colorful area rug for visual interest and soothing sound absorption. The multi-colored rug brings in other colors that accent the peach and green nicely, too. But you could also do a neutral gray rug with this color combo. Keep the furniture simple and clean to make it sleeker, and then add in some green foliage to give the room some texture.

A Gallery Wall

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Your wall in your home office it’s your space so crowd it with what you love. Style a gallery wall against a neutral wall. You can arrange them on the floor first, moving the prints around until you achieve the harmonious look that you want. Use removable wall strips to hold your prints up. This allows for the flexibility of changing the look of the wall.


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