5 Ideas To Make Colorful Grout Work

With a shot of bright color add a playful feel and visual interest to any room. One new way people are using color is with colorful grout. Grout has come a long way since it’s only used to seal the spacing between tiles, and now grout is taking on a fashion sense all its own.

By dyeing the actual grout bright colors. Therefore, a tile design can have a fun accent color that adds some artistic flair to space. Read on to learn how to work with the new design trend of colorful grout.

Light Shades Against Bright Grout

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You can make your bright grout pop by using it against white tile. That way, the light tiles don’t compete with the grout; the grout truly becomes the star of the show. For added effect, extend that light color scheme beyond tiles. For instance, in the photo above, the light tiles match a white wall and white counter space and allow the pink grout to shine.

Make Grout Fit To Other Walls

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You need to match the grout color to other accent walls, is a way to ensure that your new colorful grout doesn’t go unnoticed. By doing that it can add cohesion to space. And since an accent wall puts people in the mindset of that color, the grout pops all the more.

To get this effect, you can either paint a traditional accent wall or use an adjoining wall with tiles that match the grout color. The room in the photo above elected for both options, so don’t feel limited to just one style here. You can even paint a door or have cabinetry that matches the grout color.

Metallic Grout

(Source: Nextluxury)

Don’t limit your option to standard paint colors, when choosing your colorful grout. The shiny gold grout in the photo above demonstrates how well metallic shades work in a bathroom. This style stands out when matching the grout to bathroom fixtures.

To make the metallic grout pop, aim for a light or muted shade of tile. Metallic grout doesn’t have the colorful intensity of the other neon shades above, so it needs to be paired with shades that won’t compete for visual attention.

Make Your Grout Stand Out

(Source: Oliverburns)

Placing bright colors like neon in high-traffic areas like around bathroom mirrors, over kitchen sinks, or behind cooktops. Hence, it will naturally draw the eye to otherwise-small details.

If you really want to make people notice your bold design choice, try opting for colorful grout between smaller tiles on the floor. It pulls focus to an area that doesn’t often get attention — the floor — while creating a unique visual treat.


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