5 Ideas To Make Your Laundry Room Unique

Laundry room usually being one of the rooms in your home overlooks and overworks. Most people only think about the functionality of the room, sometimes the beauty of the room doesn’t cross their minds at all. whether you have a small or large laundry room, this is some of the ideas to make your laundry room a treat for your eye.

Blue for the serenity

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Based on scientific research, that the color blue makes people feeling calm and serene. While your laundry room can use any color of your taste. the color blue is most likely to make you feel at peace. considering how stressful your life has been, why not using blue as your main color on your laundry room.

Don’t waste your space

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One of the tricks to saving your space is stack your laundry machines it’ll be a great way to maximize your vertical space. And if they’re still spare space left, you can always put a decorative basket on top of your machines. So you can save space and make it more beautiful.

Make it POP!!

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The laundry room is like a blank canvas, where you can experiment with the style or accent of the room without worrying about what others may think. So go nuts. Experimenting with the style that you won’t dare to use in other rooms. Try a color that will poke your eyes. Your imagination doesn’t stop only on the wall, you can paint your machine too.

Classy can be fun

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If you are more of a sophisticated person and looking for a sophisticated style. You can use a classy color palette like black, white and gray for your laundry room. Who says that doing laundry can’t be an elegant activity.

Put it on the closet

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When your house doesn’t have any spare room left for your laundry room. You can utilize a closet for your laundry. Also, a closet is more than enough, accessible, and easy to hide. Any sized closet in the house can be your laundry room closet.

these are some of the inspiration that maybe can help you to have a laundry room the way you want it.

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