5 Interesting and Cozy Bedroom Rug Ideas

Have you been trying to make your bedroom feel even more cozier than it is? If you have upgraded the bedding set, draperies, lighting, and furniture, there might be something that you overlooked before: the bedroom rug. A bedroom rug comes in different patterns and colors. The right one can upgrade a bedroom from boring to luxurious, romantic, or super cozy. Need some ideas? Here are some that will spark your inspiration.

Put some more texture into the room

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How do you make a room with white walls feel less boring? By putting more pattern and texture into those. The right bedroom rug can create dimension and enhance the dramatic effect. You don’t even need to choose a super complicated pattern to achieve this idea.

Treat your toes kindly with a soft area rug

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Waking up to a cold hard floor is not a nice way to start your morning. Enjoy the day right when you step out of the bed by placing a soft bedroom rug with a calming color. This will prevent the shock that you definitely feel when you have to wake up from your nice dream and face the hard reality of your uncomfortable floor.

Choose a refined pattern

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Choose a bedroom rug with a pattern that complements your space. It will dramatically increase the atmosphere of your room. You can contrast the pattern of the overall room with a refined rug of bold pattern.

Enhance the warmth of your wooden furniture

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Wood furniture can add warmth and character to your bedroom when you play it right. The natural beauty is just enough to make your space feel homey and cozy. Pick a bedroom rug that enhance that charm. Choose hues that pronounce those details.

Play with a daring and consistent accent color

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Have you decided an accent color for you room? Don’t hesitate: go all-in by installing an area rug that comes in the same hue. This will show off the personality of your room, making it look unafraid and bold.

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