5 Remodeling Cardinal Sins That You Need To Avoid

A DIY renovation is huge for homeowners right now. If you’re in the majority considering a renovation, the operative word is “plan”. Because doing the work is easy, but planning and making good selections, that’s the hard part.

One of the cardinal sins that homeowners make is failing to plan. However, within that broad category, these are the 5 remodeling cardinal sins that can ruin your project and your budget.

Inefficient With Space

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Research is an important thing when you’re planning for upgrades or additions, as well. When considering the placement of new appliances, consult with a designer or study common room layouts.

For example, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, many designers recommend the “kitchen triangle” for its efficient use of space. In the triangle, the sink, the range, and the refrigerator should form a triangle. In its expanded version, the triangle consists of zones: the sink/dishwasher, the cooktop/oven/stovetop/microwave, and the refrigerator/freezer.

Forgetting How Old Is The Home

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Most People aren’t remodeling new homes, and older homes can have a variety of problems under the surface. Hence, it’s another mistake is failing to account for structural issues. For example, termites or rotting wood may be present under walls. In addition, the wiring may be insufficient, or the plumbing may need to be replaced. You should add at least 10% to your budget to account for unexpected issues.

Forcing on Something New

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Not always you need to remove the old appliances from your home when you’re remodeling. Hence that’s the goal of remodeling. You can spray paint them using stainless steel appliance paint. If your cabinets are in good shape, you can probably refinish and repaint them as well. And, when purchases are unavoidable, consider mid-grade instead of top-of-the-line products.

Don’t Have An Unrealistic Budget

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“’Budget’ is a very tricky word – when it is mentioned, people seem to get a little shy,” Hubbard says. “Sometimes, when I hear the homeowner’s budget, I wonder if they came up with it from watching a DIY TV show, because those amounts won’t work in the real world.”

If you can’t afford the project, Hubbard advises that you wait until you can do it right. “It’s never good to finish a job and say ‘I wish we would have done this instead of that.’”

Always Do A Background Check Your Contractor

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Most of the homeowners need to get references from clients or ask to see other work the contractor has completed. However, it’s also important to dig much deeper. By doing your research, you can avoid a lot of problems.


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