5 Smart Way To Use Your Spare Room

If You have a room that doesn’t have a clear purpose, you might be left scratching yours. Spare rooms are often found tucked away over garages or in attics and sometimes create challenging layouts. But a little clever planning can help you define the space and turn your spare room into most noteworthy one of the best places in your home. Not sure what to do with the awkwardly placed space? Here are some ideas to get your design juices flowing.

Home Office

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You can easily turn your spare room into a home office. For the reason that, it works great too. Due to, they’re often separated from noisy rooms like the kitchen. For the reason that, they’re the perfect place to get a little work done. With a solid desk, ample lighting and a computer, a bonus room might become a catalyst for productivity.

Yoga Studio

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If you love to do some soul searching through yoga. Your spare room could become a complete oasis for centering yourself and working on your Eagle pose. Due, spare rooms don’t always have the best lighting. For the reason that, making them ideal for activities that benefit from the low-key light. Grab a couple of reed diffusers with your favorite calming scents, hook up a speaker to a relaxing playlist and you have a dedicated space for your yoga practice.



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Strange angles might not make sense for a bedroom, but an awkward room is ideal for books. Create your own library with DIY shelving and add plenty of comfy seating and lamps for individual reading spaces. With a room designed free of distractions, you’ll love bringing a cup of tea into your spare room to catch up on that thriller you’ve been reading.

Gaming Room

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If you’re tired of arguing who gets to use the TV in your living room to your gamer family member. Perhaps turning your spare room into a gaming room is a solution for you. Setting your gaming systems and a few bean bag chairs in the space means finally getting your living room back.

Music Room

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If you like playing the musical instrument. You know that instruments can take up a lot of space. Therefore, relocate them to your spare room and turn it into a music room. You’ll have plenty of space and, since spare rooms are usually tucked away from your main living areas, you might even regain a little peace and quiet in the process. You can even add recording equipment and plenty of seating for impromptu concerts.

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