5 Surprising Hardware Store Items You Need In Your Bathroom

Do you remember when we are little, we kind of hate going to the Home Depot with our parents, but as we’ve grown older. we grow to like going to the home depot and picking out our own hardware or digging through the bolt section oddly empowering. Try to add some of these Items to your list to step up your bedroom design.

Front-Mounted Drawer Pulls

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There is another function for front-mounted drawer pulls. You can put on your scarf and/or tie collection. It’s easy to install you only need a screwdriver and mount it on the wall. So, put it on your list for your next visit to the hardware store.

Unfinished Wooden Stool

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There is something magical about a basic unfinished stool. Whether it’s stationed in the corner for easy access to the far reaches of your closet or kept at your bedside for a no-fuss nightstand, it’ll give your bedroom a romantic European retreat vibe.


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Caster is an item of magic, it will make your life easier. You can put caster almost on every piece of furniture you own. Just a couple of screw and a screwdriver and you already finish it before you know it. This is an item that a DIY lover must have.


(Source: Potterybarn)

You may find that replacing existing hardware is one of the easiest ways to customize your bedroom design. Things like knob may have other functionality besides a doorknob. You can utilize it as a hanger and it can make the room more beautiful.


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Clothespins are one of the versatile tools there’s available in almost every home depot stores. It’s very handy for hanging a variety of things, including, first and foremost clothes. Run out of “skirt” hangers? Clip slippery items in place on your standard hangers with clothespins. need to keep your storage boxes organized? Clip on some labels with clothespins.


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