5 Surprisingly Way To Make Your Kitchen Colorful

There is nothing wrong in neutral and sparkling-white kitchens, we’re all craving a bit more color. You don’t need to change everything about your beautiful kitchen. You only need to add new colors to your palette. Adding colorful accents can be inexpensive, while you can also choose to have a bigger impact by increasing your budget. Before you start shopping, it’s important to narrow down your wish list for your new kitchen color palette.

1. Do A Quick Fix By Changing The Cabinet Hardware

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The easiest way to change the entire mood of your kitchen is by changing your cabinet and drawer hardware. A white or gray kitchen can be totally transformed with brushed gold hardware. For a traditional or modern farmhouse kitchen, oil-rubbed bronze warms up neutral cabinetry. First of all, It’s okay to mix and match metal finishes in your kitchen but stick to two of them so that it looks like an intentional design decision and not a mistake.

2. Colorful Light Fixtures

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Things that change every season is lighting finishes and style, which is great news if you want to upgrade your kitchen color palette with lighting. Certainly, there are many beautiful metallic finishes available, but don’t overlook using colorful fixtures in your kitchen. To keep the color from overwhelming your existing decor, stick to one or two bold lights per room.

3. Colorful Dinnerware

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If you’re objective is to make a big visual impact on your kitchen color palette. Hence, You can do it by buying colorful new dinnerware. Open shelving and glass cabinet fronts are perfect for displaying dishes and cookware that are designed to be seen. Repurposing a linen tower or vintage baker’s rack is an easy display option.

4. Colorful Table Runner

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Adding Table runner to a nearby dining table can be the easiest way to add color to your kitchen in a hurry. Coordinating napkins and kitchen linens give your kitchen a pulled-together look. A collection of seasonal table runners or placemats lets you keep your decor fresh all year.

5. Brighten Your Neutral Kitchen By Creating A Mini Color Palette

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You don’t have to start over completely to add colorful accents to your kitchen. Your neutral or white kitchen only needs a few accent colors to have an updated palette. Using one main accent color, then one or two smaller accent colors, helps your kitchen stay neutral. Monochromatic accents (different shades of the same color) are a no-hassle way to add color while maintaining a relaxing vibe.

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