An Easy Festive Christmas Decoration

Christmas is around the corner again this year, so let’s make our house to look as adorable as possible. Most people usually invest a lot of time and money into decorating every inch of their house, so here are a few ideas on how to decor your house in the spirit of Christmas.

Festive Pillowcases

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Who doesn’t like a festive pillowcase? it’s bright, colorful, and playful. you don’t have to bought and make a direct theme pillowcase, you can go with a subtly designed too for this entire season of the winter wonderland.

Cup of joe?

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who doesn’t love a holiday flavor coffee? guess what, you can also do it in your house too, all you need is a coffee maker, some creamer, milk and extra topping like choco bar, sprinkler, etc. You can take up a notch with makeover your coffee bar into a holiday theme one.

Wrap it with light

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If you have a stair as your focal point in your apartment, then you can always wrap it with an artificial pine garland and gentle string lights around pretty much anything in your house to add a soft and festive vibe in your apartment. So don’t be shy to use your creative side, especially if you do it with your family it’ll be a blast.

Rose it up

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Did you know that there is a flower that associated with Christmas? There is the one actually, the Christmas rose actually belongs to the hellebore family and only blooms during the winter. The perennials come in lots of colors, and it can serve as an alternative to the classic poinsettias.

Candle? why not

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Just by adding a Christmas candle, everything will feel magical and relaxing. It creates this majestic and festive atmosphere. that’s why it’s a good idea to include Christmas candles in your house as one of Christmas decoration.


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