Best Paint Colors for Selling A House Successfully

When you are trying to sell a house, the first impression is very important. Human beings are visual creatures. The first thing they will judge from your house won’t be how strong the material or the foundation is, but how well it appease their visual sense. Because of this, you have to choose the best paint colors to improve the chance of your house being sold for a higher price. When people are hooked with the color they like, they will start seeing other values.

According to multiple research and experiences, these paint colors work best for people who want to sell their house.

White for exterior

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One of the most important rules in choosing paint colors that work for your house is making it certain that it doesn’t go against the character of the neighborhood. Painting your exterior might be a must if there is a mold or if the original painting has started to fade. If you don’t want to go wrong, white is probably the safest option. Many people like this color, the rest can stand it. It is also a neutral color that won’t make your house stand out too much in the neighborhood. Moreover, it makes your house look bigger, which is good if you want to sell a house.

Beige can also be an option for an inviting exterior color.

Earth tones for interior

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Looking for the best paint colors for your inner walls? Earth tones like shades of brown, orange, green, tans, and blue are popular colors that will help you sell your house easily, especially if you use these colors for living rooms and dining rooms. These colors are relaxing and soothing, and they will most likely work with your furniture.

Coffee colors are good if you want to match the wall with hardwood floors and rattan. These paint colors can also warm up a small room well.

Neutral colors

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Neutral colors might sound very cliche, but when you want to sell a house to someone you don’t know, a cliche is probably what you should aim for. Some people have a negative reaction to bright colors, so having your house painted with neutral paint colors like creams will prevent them from being repulsed. Moreover, creams and other neutral colors can also make your house look better on photographs. But, don’t mistake white for a neutral and paint all the interior with this color. White is bright and it might be too sterile for some people.


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In the middle of the extreme light green and dark green, lies some versatile paint colors that can be great for painting your interior wall, especially if you use it sparingly or for special rooms in the house. Lighter green can bring cheery atmosphere to a room dominated by white paint. Some greens will highlight your cabinets with radiant glow if you combine them wisely.

Happy selling!

Angie Sturgeon

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