Best Ways to Style Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are usually overlooked or even forgotten when it comes to decorating and styling. Styling kitchen countertops can be a challenging task, especially when your area is a bit narrow or cluttered. Keeping it clean, tidy, and cute becomes a very difficult battle. However, it is possible to make your kitchen countertops functional as well as stylish. The good news is: you can use items that you probably already own.

 Herbs and Plants

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Styling kitchen countertops with herbs and plants will give you advantages other than being decorations. Herbs can be an important addition to the color, aroma, and texture of your kitchen, while being useful for cooking. Plants will save your kitchen and making it look really cute.


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Items like salt or sugar shakers and condiments might make your kitchen countertops look cluttered, but when you group them on a nice tray, there is more harmony and unity that make the tops look less busy. Choose rustic wooden or chic metal trays based on your kitchen styles.

Wooden chopping boards

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You can also put some wooden chopping boards to add natural element to your kitchen. This is also a very practical setup for quick meal preparation.

Canisters or mason jars

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Pretty canisters or storage jars are essentials to display dried goods or even cookies. Fortunately, these items also make cute decorations for kitchen countertops and open shelves. Be careful with the color clashes.

Recipe books

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Recipe books are very important if you want to use your kitchen a lot. You can keep important cookbooks within reach by putting them on the kitchen tops. Just arrange them thoughtfully to make a purposeful decoration.


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Just like kitchen trays, baskets are also functional and beautiful. You can put fresh fruit or bread into a neat arrangement inside the basket.


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Just like pots of plants, vases of unique or artsy designs and colors make beautiful decorations for kitchen countertops. Display some beautiful flowers in your favourite vases.

Utensil Holders

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Utensil holders also serve double duty as practical item storage like cutlery and utensils as well as decorations for your countertops. It will help you organize your cutlery and utensils while making it easy to find what you want.

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