Closet-Less Bedroom Hack

For some people bedroom with no closets is what nightmares made of. But you don’t need to be afraid anymore (and in that case you don’t need to move out either), because there are several great solutions for your bedroom that will make you overcome this nightmarish home. here are several ideas for it.

Shelves with rod

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The alternative choice for a dresser is to put shelves with a rod in your bedroom wall. It gave your room aesthetical rustic feels and you can also hang your shirt, store your shoes, clothes, bag, etc. And even you can put a mirror on it.

Cutting corners

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When you got no dresser in your bedroom and throwing your clothes on the chair will make your room a little bit messy. You can opt to “cut the corner” with a tension rod to hang your shirt. It’s efficient, cheap, save your space, a treat for your eyes too and you can display your favorite clothes on the display with pride.

The basket under the bed

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If you got a hollow bedframe in your bedroom, you can put several baskets underneath it. You can store various items in it, such as clothes, shoes, heels, pants and many other. The plus side is, you can conceal it with a nice warm blanket, it’s a win-win solution for your dresser problem and night chill.

Wardrobe instead a closet

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Instead of a closet, you can always choose a wardrobe. it’s just as handy as a traditional closet and can give you certain kinds of vibe, depends on the wardrobe style you pick. like this picture above it’s simple wooden based wardrobe that gives you warmth and classy feels.

Put curtain on it

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Besides using a curtain on a window, you can also use curtain too as a closet door. If you got a spacious bedroom you can divide your rooms into the bedroom area and the “closet”, using a curtain as the divider between it.

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