Cozy DIY Platform Bed Designs From Wood

After a tiring day at work, what is the last thing on your mind?. So, let’s take a guess!. Hence, it’s probably to go home and crash on the bed. So, let’s be honest here, we all want a cozy and comfortable bed to enjoy the leisure hours. But somehow, the thought of spending a couple of thousand dollars on a new piece of furniture puts you off.


You can add some style to your bedroom. By, using one of these free DIY platform bed plans. Hence, there are many different styles and sizes for you to choose from. Also, many include storage that’s actually built into the bed frame. They would look great alongside a DIY nightstand.


These platform bed plans are good for the confident beginner to the intermediate builder. So, looking for their next woodworking project. Hence, the budget and time it takes will vary depending on what plan you decide to tackle.


Are you interested in building your own DIY platform bed frame?. Hence, these platform beds range from ultra-simple to innovative. So, check out which one works best for you.

Simple, Sturdy Wood Frame with Legs


Do you want a classic DIY simple wood bed frame platform bed with sturdy legs and traditional slat mattress support? Try out this model, which has easy instructions and leaves plenty of room for choosing the type of wood and wood stain to match your bedroom.

Platform Bed Plan


This beautiful platform bed features a slatted headboard, a wood frame with center support, and stylish legs. All the instructions that you need to build it are included in the plan as well as reader reviews of those who have built it.

No-Legs Rustic Platform Bed


Not a fan of bed legs (tired of losing items underneath)? This beautiful platform DIY bed is made out of basic 2×6 lumber—and no bed legs, giving you a seamless look that combines rustic and modern styles.

Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Bed


A DIY platform bed can also be made from reclaimed wood. It’s perfect if you have old floorboards (wider is better) or other boards that you would like to put to good use.

Pallet-Based Platform Bed


Crazy about pallets? This two-tiered pallet-based bed is one of 17 different styles in this collection. You may need to do a fair bit of restoration to get especially rough pallets into shape, but this is still one of the easiest projects, and comes with many variations including some with under-bed lights and storage.

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