Creative and Interesting Ways to Utilize the Space Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs is usually very empty and quiet, but it shouldn’t always be that way. Especially if you don’t have a big house, to begin with, that small space can mean a lot when you utilize it the right way. Even if you have enough space in your house, that space can give you a limitless of creative possibilities. Do you want to utilize that space? Here are some ideas if you live in a house with stars and don’t know what to do with space beneath them but think that it can be useful anyway.

Reading Nook

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Your lazy afternoon or evening reading can be even more comfortable when you use the small space under the stairs as your new favorite reading spot. The small dimension is just ideal to turn it into a super cozy reading nook. Just don’t forget to install some lightings and maximize the utilization by using the bottom of your couch or bed as a book drawer.


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Even if you are not into reading in that position, you can still use the space under the stair for your love of books. The shape is just perfect for some built-in bookshelves. It can also be made in a lot of different styles despite the small space. You can even use the bottom part as drawers for some extra storage.

Home Office

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Sometimes, a house is not big enough to build a study room or a home office inside, but you need it anyway. In this case, you should consider using the space under your stairs as an alternative to building your home office. The shape of that space allows you to design some built-in bookshelves and desk which will be perfect for a home office set-up.

Wine Storage

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If you love wine more than books, you can also find the perfect function of the space under the stairs for your favorite bottles of wine. Wine enthusiasts often find difficulties to store their wine in the perfect storage. But you can use the area under the stairs to build some stylish wine racks or even turn it into a walk-in wine cellar.

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