DIY Budget-Friendly Home Organization Tips for A Clutter-Free Environment

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A cluttered home may seem like a chaos that nobody wants to reside in because it just feels uncomfortable. It often makes the house looks small and crowded. You would be surprised to know that with some easy home organization tips, you can create order out of chaos in an instant. The best thing is that you can make a significant difference to how your house appears by doing cheap, and even, free home organization hacks!

Here are some of the easiest do-it-yourself home organization tips to make your cluttered house a more comfortable place to live.

Use a picture frame as a board

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Need to remind every family member about the agreed home organization arrangement all the time? You should employ some memo board to write all the errands and orders to create the orderly environment your family longs for. You don’t need to buy a new board to do this. Just use an old picture frame to frame a pretty wallpaper and fabric and some dry-erase markers to write reminders. You can also attach some sticky notes. Hang this eye-catchy memo board in a high-traffic area and everyone will remember their tasks!

Use old shoe boxes as drawer dividers

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Your disorganized drawers might need some dividers to separate the items and improve its tidiness, but why should you buy a new drawer with dividers or some manufactured drawer dividers when you can make it yourself easily and with no cost at all? All you need are old, unused shoe boxes and a pair of scissors. You can simply cut the boxes as the needed size or dimension, then put them into a drawer.

Use Velcro strips to manage stuffed animals

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When there are kids in the house, the most challenging home organization task is usually related to the toys. Too many stuffed animals in the house can make your house seem cluttered. Use Velcro strips to attach these toys to the wall. Don’t forget to attach the softer side of the Velcro on the stuffed animals to avoid unwanted scrapes.

Use a small ladder as a bedside table

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Need to put books, lamps, essential oil, or whatever it is in your bedroom within your reach when you lay in bed at night but don’t feel like buying a real bedside table for that? Just turn your stepladder into one and your room will seem more organized with it.

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