Easy DIY Halloween Themed

There is no other Holiday like Halloween who inspires a range of decorations like Halloween. From a pumpkin, skulls, black cats and ghosts are just some of the many motifs that running around in our mind in the Fall. here are some of the ideas of how to make your own Halloween Decorations.

Candy corn garland

(Source: Makeandtakes)

All you need is a string and candy corn plus a little bit of an effort. But you better buy an extra big bag of candy corn. Because it’s going to be a very very long and let’s be honest, we are going involved a little bit snacking too here and there.

Do let it hanging

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With this sweet door decoration can be a treat for the eye and treat for the mouth too and it’s not hard to make one too. With candy stored inside and ready for the taking, this DIY Halloween-candy door hanger is the best way to greet your guest during the month of darkness.

Hanging with origami

(Source: Homecrux)

If you have a lot of string of white Christmas lights. You can repurpose it for Halloween with this easy project. For example, you can use orange paper to craft little jack-o’-lanterns with an origami technique. And now you have something ‘spooky‘ to decorate your living room.

Mummies hold your candles

(Source: Popsugar)

This one is rather a quite easy project. To turn a mason jar into a Halloween themed candle holders. All you need is a mason jar, glue, doodly eyed and a bandage. you can put these on your front porch, in the living room, in the bedroom, and even in the bathroom.

Cover it with a white sheet

(Source: Engineermommy)

This one is kind of easy decorating tricks, all you need is a few white sheets, and cover all of your chairs and table with it. you can add little cobwebs for the mirror as an extra touch. There you got your room look of ruin and abandoned.

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