Fireplace Is Not The Only Focal Point That You Can Create, Here Some Tips On It

The American ideal of the cozy living room with a roaring fireplace is often easier said than done. Less traditional spaces, climate and home size might sway you away from planning your space around a large fireplace.

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Still, even if you don’t miss a fireplace for warmth, it does make design a no-brainer. Fireplaces almost always become the focal point of a room, making it easier to anchor the rest of the room’s decor. If you’re fireplace-free, how do you make a room stand out?

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There are plenty of ways to anchor rooms without the upfront expense and ongoing cost of a fireplace.

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Whether you’re just renting or you’re opting out of a traditional space, check out some of these focal points to draw the eye and simplify the rest of your interior design.

Framing windows

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Stop thinking of windows as room accents and, instead, think of them as room features. Cool casings and gorgeous grids look great on display.

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So try grouping your furniture around a couple of windows. You’ll create a cozy nook with the best view in the house.

Accent wallpaper

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It’s true: fireplaces are a handy spot to break up large expanses of boring walls. But you can pull the same look off with textured or patterned wallpaper. Choose the wall with the most visual impact as you walk into the room.

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Then, use a bold, graphic paper to draw the eye and anchor other elements like furniture, lighting and artwork. This is especially useful if you’re a renter since today’s wallpapers are easy to install and remove.

Dramatic lighting

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If you’re on a tight budget, you might be left scratching your head. But lighting is often overlooked as a main focal point, simply because most people think of lighting as an accent only.

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Lighting can be an inexpensive way to direct focus in a room. Choosing a large, overhanging lamp can center a room, while an antique lamp on a table creates a cozy focal spot. For under $100, your room can take on an entirely new look based on where you direct the light.

Gallery walls

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Fireplaces are a natural place to hang art or prop up your favorite mementos, but you don’t need a mantel to show off your stuff. Create a gallery wall using similar size parameters as a fireplace.

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Mix up the mediums by hanging art, things you’ve picked up on vacation, wood signs and even framed tickets or maps. Grouped together, your stuff makes a bigger visual impact and can act as an anchor point for your furniture.

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