Funny and Colorful Wallpaper Design Ideas for Girls Bedroom

We know, wallpaper can be daunting. But, it can make such an amazing statement in a room. And nowadays, with self-adhesive varieties and even removable ones. Hence, it has become much more approachable.


For the girls in your family, check out these awesome girl’s bedroom wallpaper design ideas. Whether your girls are lovers of all things floral or polka dots. Hence, they’re toddlers or teens, we have the best design ideas for her bedroom.


There are countless possibilities for a girl’s bedroom. Hence, you can do anything from pretty in pink princess to a woodland all-white room. So, when seeking out kids’ room decor, choose comforting colors. Also, accents that reflect her personality.


You’re sure to find something your girls will love!. Even better, with removable wallpaper or a removable wall mural. So, you can easily take down the design once they grow out of it. Also, you can find something else they like.


So, today we’re sharing 4 of our favorite rooms with bright, colorful wallpaper. Read on to get inspired!

Leafy Green Bedroom


From the picture you see, There’s nothing subtle about this unique bedroom. So, with its incredibly bold leaf motif covering the walls. Hence, the different shades of green are accented by small bits of taupe. Also, gold for contrast. So. go to Alyssa Rosenheck’s site to see the rest of the room.

Wallpaper In The Closet


A closet can be a wonderful place to try wallpaper for the first time. Hence, thanks to its no-risk location and smaller square footage. Here, bright pink flowers cover a pretty mint green background. So, make your way over to The Sweetest Digs to learn more about it

Black Floral Accent Wall


This unique botanical wallpaper has a variety of greens, blues, and reds. Hence, all on a black background that really makes them pop visually. Placed on only an accent wall in this mostly white kitchen. So, it has maximum effect. Check out more images at The Diversion Project.

Watercolor Wallpaper


If you don’t fancy floral designs, then you might consider this bold watercolor look. The wallpaper is used only on the top half of the wall, balanced by white beadboard on the bottom half of the wall in this colorfully ornate room. Found over at Happily Curated Chaos.

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