Genius Laundry Room Decorating and Organizing Ideas to Steal Now

An organized, well-designed, and well-decorated laundry room can really be inspiring and soothing. Since laundry is an activity where you “clean up your mess” and which can be such an exhausting chore to complete, it is not helpful that you have to do it in a messy laundry room that brings your mood and energy down. The way you decorate and organize your laundry room can affect your efficiency and satisfaction in doing your work. Want to have a better organization and arrangement of that special room in your house? Here are some ideas you can steal for your laundry space.

Hide hideous items with a curtain

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A curtain can be really helpful in hiding all the unsightly items you just don’t want to see. Hideous or unsightly is such a subjective adjective, only you understand what feels uncomfortable for you to see. Don’t like how the baskets of dirty clothes look to family members or guests who pass by the laundry room? Use a curtain for an instant fix. Curtains can also add some personality to an otherwise boring laundry area, just pick the cutest ones that suit your taste!

Install the tools on the wall

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Don’t have a spacious laundry area? It’s really into a problem at all. Iron boards, drying racks, and other tools can be installed on the walls so they don’t take up too much space. Put it on the parts of the wall you deem relevant or fit, like on the back of the door, above the appliances, above the sink, or wherever you want. Accessibility is also an important consideration when you install these tools.

Use many bins

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Everyone uses laundry baskets and bins in their laundry room, but have you used them effectively? Curate and dedicate each bin or basket for specific purposes: a bin for light clothes, another bin for dark clothes, a bin for jeans and jackets, and a bin for cleaning products, then another one for cleaning tools, or many more! Get some baskets and bins and label them with each specific purpose, this will help things get organized in the laundry area.

Decorate the area in a simple color palette

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Don’t overwhelm yourself and make everything seems more stressful by picking a “noisy” atmosphere in your laundry room. You should stick to a simple color combination, with one or two colors only for all the area of the wall, furniture, and chosen decorations. This will calm your mind even when your laundry day is very chaotic.

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