Get These DIY Basket Projects Ideas From Design Personality That Suit Your Taste

Baskets are, perhaps, the most versatile home item in existence. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Also, can hold just about anything you can think of (ok, maybe not liquid). Whether you’re looking to add some global flair or gift a basket to an antique-lover. Therefore, these simple DIYs will adapt your favorite woven storage containers to fit any style.

Eclectic Collector

(Source: Diys)

Tasseled: Yarn tassels are the physical manifestation of fun and the possibilities are endless with this DIY. Make your tassels large or small, bright or muted, sporadic or strategically placed…you get the idea. BE the fun your tassels represent!

Happy Modern

(Source: Brit)

Add a Pineapple: Better yet, give your basket hamper a sense of humor. Hence, by turning it into a huge piece of fruit. This tutorial from Brit + Co. really makes us laugh.

(Source: Pinterest)

Color Makeover: Last month we showed you how to give a wire basket a total makeover. And an infusion of color with spray paint and dyed rope.

Warm Industrial

(Source: Iheartorganizing)

Add Wheels: Casters gives storage baskets a utilitarian bent that is as practical as they are industrial-looking. I Heart Organizing used a wire version, but this works with traditional woven baskets as well.

(Source: Abeautifulmess)

Leather Detail: These green baskets were made from scratch by A Beautiful Mess. But you could add a leather handle to a store-bought basket just as well. It’s a nice handsome detail for your storage.

Artful Bohemian

(Source: Honestlywtf)

Painted Patterns: Honestly WTF has a gorgeous tutorial for painting your baskets with a variety of Kilim-inspired designs. Don’t be afraid to be bold and have fun with your color palette.

(Source: Abeautifulmess)

Hanging Planter: String together a series of baskets for a cascading hanging basket garden like the women at A Beautiful Mess. Change up the color of the rope to further customize this Bohemian beauty.

John Bauer

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