Great 3 Tips For Romantic Bedroom According To Feng Shui

When you think of Feng Shui, romance may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Feng Shui principles are all about enhancing our living spaces — including the bedroom. The elements of Feng Shui are meant to bring out the right energy. Thus, Chi’i for every room in our home. The colors and elements of this practice focus on many areas of our lives, including family harmony, creativity, and romance. The good news is that you can create a Feng Shui bedroom with just a few simple changes.

Use Feng Shui Romantic Symbolism In Your Bedroom

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There is more to Feng Shui than colors or furniture placement. When it comes to your bedroom, there are designs and symbols thought to enhance the romantic energy.

  • Decorate in pairs. The symbolism of “twos” is important to Feng Shui bedroom design. Images or figurines of swans, Mandarin ducks, in pairs, is especially auspicious.
  • Artwork that evokes love and relationships. Whether you frame happy photos with your significant other for your walls. Or hang classic art that depicts loving relationships. Hence, this type of wall art is a must for romantic Feng Shui.
  • Avoid art and decor that suggests unpleasant emotions or loss.
  • Family photos are wonderful in other areas of the house. But, are not considered favorable for a romantic Feng Shui bedroom. Hence, this is the space for romantic photos that support your relationship.

A Romantic Feng Shui Bedroom Color Scheme

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The Feng Shui colors meant to enhance loving relationships at home are, not coincidentally, the same colors we already associate with romance. Traditional Feng Shui bedroom colors include red, pink, and white. It’s not practical to decorate your bedroom in such a limited color palette, but a soothing neutral color palette with Feng Shui color accents is a wonderful way to incorporate them. Here’s how to use these romantic colors in your bedroom decor:

  • Choose artwork with red or pink accents to enhance your romantic bedroom color scheme.
  • Add a few throw pillows or a luxurious throw in the Feng Shui romantic colors.
  • Candles can not only enhance your color scheme, but also add a romantic vibe.
  • Fresh flowers in red or pink are especially beneficial to achieving the romantic Chi’i (energy) in your bedroom.
  • Think beyond a simple red, pink or white Feng Shui color palette in your bedroom. To create harmony, you can choose shades that fit your color scheme, like peach, rust or ivory.

Choose Romantic And Luxurious Bed Linens

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Your bed linens are the most important element in a romantic bedroom. The Feng Shui element for love is Earth — this means that bed linens in natural fabrics and neutral colors can enhance romantic energy in your bedroom. The most romantic bed linens should feel romantic and luxurious to the touch, even if they aren’t expensive. Complete your bed linen ensemble with throw blankets and pillows in the colors of Feng Shui romance.

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