Great 4 Way To Get You Into The Spiral Staircase Trend

You can add an actual “spiral” twist on your space, you’ll want to look into a spiral staircase. Thanks, in part, to universal design and more basic, open floorplans, you just don’t see a lot of spiral staircases worked into homes these days.

However, if you want a look that’s visually interesting, you may want to think about putting in a spiral staircase. Below are some of the top spiral staircase designs. From natural looks to industrial styles, a spiral staircase is a customizable option that fits surprisingly well into any home.

Closed Design Spiral Staircase

(Source: Spiral)

The most classical design of the spiral staircase is the closed design spiral staircase. It gets back to the classic castle design many people think of when they picture a spiral staircase. It’s a great option for classic or romantic styles.

Alcoves with candles in them along the stairs can add ambiance and a sense of classical appeal, too. Textured wood is an attractive option for this natural style. Potted plants can add to the natural feel.

Open Design Spiral Staircase

(Source: SpiralstairsDirect)

The spiral staircase has come a long way from being the mode of access to higher floors in old castle towers. Spiral staircases can have an open, minimalistic feel, like in the picture above. When combined with an open loft design, spiral staircases do anything but close off space visually.

And the photo above proves that spiral staircases can even work in smaller spaces like a studio apartment. It’s a fun way to add some geometric interest to an otherwise clean, white space, too.

Industrial Spiral Staircase

(Source: Salterspiralstair)

The favorite design in industrial style is a spiral staircase. Because, a stark staircase design gives a more austere aesthetic, often a hallmark of industrial looks. For instance, the minimalistic staircase above shows a lot of exposed metal, which fits right in with the distressed cabinetry and exposed copper piping on the wall.

The mixed material of the black metal and warm wood also gives the piece visual interest. It proves that spiral staircases can be a work of art unto themselves and can add to the style of the space.

Hyper-functional Spiral Staircase

(Source: Mit24h)

Most of us don’t have a wacky home where the stairs intentionally lead nowhere, all staircases are functional. The photo above shows how a spiral staircase can combine two stories of the same room. In this case, it opens up another level for a library space. The staircase takes on a new dimension of function by combining these two levels in one space.

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